Innovation Hub Programme

A groundbreaking business incubation and support initiative for sustainable income earning opportunitites for the beneficiaries.

The Thuthukisa Sustainable Income Earning Incubation Programme Sponsored by the Compansation Fund (CF) and Rand Mutual Assurance Group (RMA).

The innovation hub is a special purpose vehicle that integrates critical technical-vocational skills and entrepreneurship development for beneficiaries to engage in active economic participation by setting up and running their own successful businesses.

The Thuthukisa hub incubates people with disabilities, as entrepreneurs and value adding employees in companies. These beneficiaries have participated in skills development programmes for trades, production and occupational based vocational skills programmes.

The beneficiaries are aspiring entrepreneurs and skilled employees, from disadvantaged backgrounds who are people with disabilities. They are committed to, and
display a keen interest in building viable businesses. The beneficiaries access Thuthukisa’s Hub for Active Economic Participation, it’s infrastructure and capability to deliver high quality skills, technologies, production and business services.