Special purpose vehicles that seamlessly integrate critical technical-vocational skills and entrepreneurship development for youth for active economic participation.

HEAPs incubate youth and black entrepreneurs who have studied for an appropriate trade and production based vocational skills development.

The beneficiaries are youth and black entrepreneurs who are committed to, and display a keen interest in building viable businesses. The participants will be able access the Hubs for Active Economic Participation, its infrastructure & capability to deliver high quality skills, technologies, production & services, particularly needed, our current and post corona virus economy.

Benefits of the Hub


Access infrastructure and premises for training & supporting youth in a variety of Skills & entrepreneurship development projects across Gauteng. Use identified, available infrastructure & support systems for the hubs empowerment activities. Provide manufacturing infrastructure and capability


Provide support & assistance with the setup of infrastructure and business capability, to participants in the hub programme. Provide marketing and sales support functions


Conduct research on market needs for products & services, particularly the need for locally produced and value-added products. Enable access to patents and innovative products & technologies through mutually beneficial networks, including industry bodies and associations such as Thuthukisa member companies, NBI, SEDA, DTI etc

Join this innovative programme that is designed to help change your life forever

How it Works

Period of Contract of incubation

Your contract will run for 12 months with the option for extending, based on your performance and contributions.

Hub location Workplace

You will, as an incubated company, be primarily located and housed at Thuthukisa’s premises located in Johannesburg South.

Which has been setup as an innovative production and manufacturing hub as part of the sponsored business development programme


Should you decide to join, you are further required to attend an introductory programme briefing session at Thuthukisa Premises for commencement of the project.

Join this innovative programme that is designed to help change your life forever

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