AFROX and Thuthukisa has established a Centre of Excellence for Welding and Gas installations at Afrox’s premises exclusively operated and managed by women as part of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Agenda.

The Project is be located at 11C Sigma Road in Germiston. This Centre of Excellence provides necessary coaching and mentoring opportunities. Distinct training accreditations are implemented maintaining brand identity, with a suite of offerings that comprise of basic training to niche training that complement each other, providing a one stop training facility.

• The vision of this initiative is to open economic and career development opportunities for women.  

• To dismantle the gender related barriers and cultivate a new culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

• To provide women with equal opportunities in the workplace.

• To provide a career pipeline and capacity building for women entrance into the job market. 

• To accomplish and sustain the company’s BBBEE agenda.

• South Africa’s history of structural and economical exclusion on the basis of gender and its negative consequences are well known. The primary purpose of this initiative is to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This initiative will ensure that women receive equal opportunities to redress the effects of historical and perpetuated exclusion.

• The centre will be used as a vehicle and flagship project to spearhead the company uncompromising stance supporting women in leadership.

• Women

• Unemployed Youth

• Communities

• Employees

• Persons with Disabilities

• Unemployed persons

• Institutions of Higher Learning/Education